SP-7260 1/4″ Sealed Flat Head Mini Ratchet

  • Reverse lever for one-handed operation
  • Sealed flat head for long life
  • 360 degree exhaust sleeve
  • Patented Sealed Flat Ratchet Mechanism
  • The sealed flat head ratchet prevents the spread of the ratchet housing while also protecting the tool’s functionality from dirt and dust.


Sq. Drive1/4"
Bolt Capacity5/16"
Maximum Torque Range25 ft-lbs.
Free Speed290 rpm
Overall Length8"
Net Weight1.5 lbs.
Sound Level87 dB

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Review of the SP-7260 1/4″ Sealed Flat Head Mini Ratchet

The SP Air Sealed Flat Head Mini Ratchet is available in two sizes: 1/4″ (No. SP-7260) and 3/8” (No. SP-7265). The ratchets, with a patented sealed flat ratchet mechanism, provide a maximum speed of 250 rpm, a maximum torque of 25 ft/lbs and an adjustable torque measured at 4.25 ft/lbs. The 1/4″ drive has a bolt capacity of 5/16″ and the 3/8″ drive has a capacity of 3/8″. Each lightweight ratchet uses only 2.5 cfm and features a reverse lever that can be operated with one hand, an air regulator and a 360-degree exhaust sleeve so the exhaust can be pointed away from the technician. The ratchets measure 8″ and weigh 1-1/2 lbs each.

The review

Lou Fort, lead technician at K.A.R.S. Inc. in Huntingburg, Ind., has a long list of things he likes about the SP Air 1/4” Sealed Mini Flat ratchet Wrench. From the size and weight to the direction switch, Fort says there is a lot to enjoy.

“Basically, I love the whole tool,” he says.

At 8” long and 1-1/2 lbs, Fort says the SP-7260 “has been earning its keep, doing all sorts of general repairs – both large and small.”

He was able to use the Sealed Flat Head Mini Ratchet in places that other non-flat-head 1/4” ratchets wouldn’t fit when working on the water pump of a Ford Fiesta and the injectors of a 6.0L Ford F350.

“First off, I love the size and weight of the ratchet,” Fort says. Additionally, he likes the onboard air regulator that provides a working torque ranging from 4 to 25 ft/lbs. He applauded the sealed flat head and the 360-degree exhaust deflector, too.

“I also like the paddle trigger for both its size and ease of use. I love how easy it is to switch directions with the one-handed reversing lever,” Fort says, also noting he would prefer if the lever was a touch smaller.

Fort says he has used a comparative tool from another company, but he likes the trigger paddle on the SP-7260 better.

The easy-to-use ratchet came in a sturdy box, and “the only set-up required is attaching your choice of air hook-up,” Fort explains. The tool came with a manual, parts breakdown list and a single sheet calling out the SP-7260’s features and specifications.

According to Fort, the Sealed Flat Head Mini Ratchet can save time in the right situations over a normal 1/4” drive air ratchet.

“This little guy is not only handy as heck, but ergonomic and rugged also,” he says.